Monday, March 18, 2013

When You Need Debt Help

In my last post, I talked about how I am just a couple of months away from being debt free. What a blessing. And what a long time coming. I never thought I would be here, to be honest.

I know the shame. The stress. The endless collection calls and letters. The inability to pay the bills. Or to get a new credit card. The worry about maybe not being able to buy a new car when you really need one because of a low credit score. Or any number of scenarios. The worry about meeting a guy and maybe his rejecting you because of your financial problems. Your never getting ahead. And seeing money just go down the drain.

I realized I needed debt help. I listened to radio shows, read books, blogs, magazine articles, everything I could get my hands on about conquering debt. Things didn't start happening until I became obsessed with getting out of debt. I wasn't perfect, but I got on payment plans, didn't take out any new credit, was more deliberate with spending money. And I saw my balances go down. Not my life looks a lot brighter and my future more secure.

Count Down To Debt Free!

I can't believe it, but it is true. I am only a few months from being debt free (except my car). It is such a dream. I remember when I was years away from this goal. And was tens of thousands of dollars in debt. I am proof that it can happen. You just have to get to the point where you are sick to your stomach about your debt. And really want to change. And never live like this again.

Will I be smarter about my money from here out? You better believe it. Will I ever be in debt again? Over my dead body. Will I have a better life. Absolutely. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Am Getting Closer To Being Debt Free!

I am so happy! I am very close to being debt free. Just four years ago, I had what seemed to be an insurmountable amount of debt, and now I am within 10 months of paying it all off. Or maybe sooner. I had five credit cards, all with pretty high balances, so my monthly payment for all of them was pretty high.

I have paid off one card, and am a couple of months from paying off another one. Then another one a few months later. And then another one a few months after that. The last one will be paid off in 10 months, but I am hoping sooner, as I can apply my extra money I will have to this last one. I will not know what to do with myself with all of that extra money. (Save it and invest in, I hope!)

At this point, I do not need this, but I thought I might need debt help early on. There are firms all around the U.S. and also in Canada that can help with debt settlement. Debt can be such a burden, and so many people, including me, have lived under its toll. I urge everyone who is in debt to make a plan to get debt free as soon as possible.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Celebration Time: I Paid Off A Credit Card!

I paid off a credit cars last week. Pop the champagne! It is truly exciting for me as debt has definitely been a yoke around my shoulders. The balance was $140.00 and I paid it off on online.

The sad part is that is the punt I first paid for the piece of exercise equipment I bought at k- kart a decade ago.

A decade ago. Those are sad words. Since then I have paid a couple of thousand dollars in late fees and interest. Never to get it back and nothing to show for it. To make matters worse, I could never get the equipment assembled correctly and never used it.

Looking back, I can't believe it. Where was my head? Not screwed on right obviously.

But things are looking up. At least it is paid off now. And I will pay off another one in a few months. And the other cards will be paid off within the year. Much better than when I had five years to pay it all off. Never to do again.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Can Friends Get You In Money Trouble?

My answer to that question is a definite yes! The article below talks about the ways that friends can lead to money trouble and how to try to handle that.

I don't mind buying gifts for friends, because I am one of those who thinks that gifts are precious. Just don't overdo it!

I don't have so much trouble from friends about money now, but I did when I was young. I had three friends, all older, who set me off on the wrong financial course, one that I am still dealing with today. OK, I know that it was really my fault that I spent more than I had to keep up with my older, glamorous friends. But I got the feeling that they liked that I was struggling to keep up with them and goaded me into it. See, they ended up not being very good friends--it just took me a while to catch on.

So, the result was I developed really bad money habits right out of college. And when I say I am paying for that years later--decades later--I really am. But my debt level is going down fast, and within a year I will be out of debt, except for my car. And that is where I want to stay.

Boomers To Go Bust? Uh Oh

Articles like that linked below scare me to death. I am a boomer, albeit a younger one. But to read that boomers are probably going to go bust in retirement is frightening! I am not as bad off as some mentioned in the article, but I am on par with some others, which is still not good.

I don't mind working hard and forever, but what worries me are the factors out of our control: the economy, medical costs, social security, etc.

We as a group need to get on the stick, but how to collectively do so?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Multiple Income Streams Are Good

This post from Wise Bread points out what I have thought important for a long time: Multiple Income streams are very important. I have had side jobs for a long time, because I have never made enough money at my regular jobs. (And to be honest, I have always been in too much debt, and needed the extra money to make ends meet).

But aside from that, multiple income streams are more important today. With loss of jobs and unpredictability in the job market, who knows when a regular paycheck will go by the wayside? As this article points out, your side income can help you out in tough times and even grow to become your primary job. It is even better when your side job is something fun or easy for you to do.

One thing I was surprised about was the pushback from some of the readers of the Wise Bread article. Side jobs tend to take time away from family. Yeah, like duh. If you don't need side income or a side job, then you are lucky. But you may need it more than you realize.